Hold online events in Minecraft and give all guests an unforgetable experience

We hold online events and build branded representations of your company in the most popular game Minecraft

Why Minecraft?
  • Minecraft is the most popular game in the world (more than 500 million active players worldwide)
  • Minecraft isn't only played by children, but also by adults
  • Don't have to be a gamer to begin playing
  • Management is easy and intuitive
  • Can integrate audio and video chats
What do we do?

We install and configure the Minecraft server in which all event participants play together, go on quests, answer questions, travel around the virtual world or listen to lectures, and communicate with one another via text or audio messages. Skolakola's platform allows video in Minecraft and to hold presentations on large virtual screens.

Basic package for events:

  • A virtual world with branding
  • Tools to communicate within Minecraft
  • Customization of characters
  • A quest for all virtual participants
  • Point system and leaderboards

Additional game activities:

  • Individual quests
  • Group quests
  • Intellectual brain games like Brain Ring
  • Competitive games
  • Quizzes
  • Building competitions

Package for presentations:

  • Virtual screen in Minecraft for presentations
  • Integration of audio chat in Minecraft
  • Integration of video chat in Minecraft
  • Integration of video chat in Minecraft
What else do you need to know?
Entertainment activities

In Minecraft you can have single player or multi-player games: shoot targets, go through mazes, fight enemies or play paintball with colleagues. A point system can also be integrated in the game, so that after the event the results can be tallied and awards given to the best participants.

Lectures and presentations

Thanks to modifications we have developed, you can hold lectures in Minecraft using integrated audio or video chats, as well as host presentations using our virtual screen in a virtual setting. Upload slides and share with colleagues useful material in a truly interactive format.

Represent your company in Minecraft

Creating a virtual representation of your company and telling everyone about it is not difficult in Minecraft with Skolakola. We will develop a completely virtual world while integrating your brand in Minecraft. We will also develop the necessary activities within Minecraft and provide support for the project's entire duration.

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About us
Who conducts the course?
Skolakola is one of the leading Russian teams that develops virtual interactive content in Minecraft. The team develops educational worlds based on literary, historical, and fantasy subjects with 30,000 tasks related to school curriculum's core subjects. The team also helps government, non-profit, and business customers increase their potential by embracing new digital environments.
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